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  Av. Sulplast, 1969 - Distrito Industrial - Rio Claro/SP - Brazil - 13505-680 - Webmail

The company

About Us

Founded on August 16, 1978, Sulplast is a 100% national company, specialized in the development and manufacture of technical parts in thermoplastic and fiberglass (thermosets).

One of Sulplast's differentials is to be a supplier with infra-structure and know-how to develop solutions through different plastic transformation processes. Currently, our factory produces parts in Vacuum Forming, Rotomolding, Injection, RTM Light, RTM Skin and Hand Lay Up (HLU), in addition to extruding the plastic sheets themselves and providing Class A Painting service.

Another great competitive advantage of the company, is that throughout its 40 years in the market, it has acquired the expertise to deliver to customers not only parts, but also complete systems, which includes to the plastic parts different components such as metallic inserts, thermal insulators, acoustic insulators, flashlights, electrical harnesses among others.

Strategically located in Rio Claro - SP, Sulplast’s plant has 24,412 m², of which 12,603 m² is the manufacturing area: 3,350 m² refer to the Vacuum Forming and Extrusion sectors; 1,300 m² for Rotomolding; 1,050 m² for the Painting area; and 1,980 m² reserved for Fiberglass (Hand Lay Up, RTM Light and RTM Skin).

Recognized as a prestigious supplier of parts in Vacuum Forming, RTM and Rotomolding for trucks, buses, agro vehicles and machinery for civil construction, Sulplast serves with excellence national and multinational industries, located in several regions of Brazil, mainly in the South and Southeast, besides exporting products to the United States, Argentina and other countries around the globe.

Foto aérea Sulplast em 2011