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  E-mail: sulplast@sulplast.com.br
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Sulplast and the environment

Sustainability is part of Sulplast’s organizational culture. Certified by ISO 14001, all of our operational guidelines are structured based on the principles of social responsibility, environmental balance and economic feasibility.

Always focusing on continuous improvement and collective well-being, we invest in technologies and processes capable of promoting the increasing optimization of natural resources and reducing the emission of pollutants. As already implemented practices, we can mention: the internal treatment in closed circuit of the water used in the Class A Painting procedure; the correct storage of environmentally hazardous waste in ventilated areas and with a containment barrier; as well as the proper disposal or recycling of all solid wastes generated in our production.

Sulplast e o meio ambiente

Through diversified, robust and constant actions, we strive daily to spread the concepts of sustainable development among our collaborators, partners and community members, in addition to working in partnership with our customers to analyze the products life cycle.

A socially molding company, reference in several segments, Sulplast works today to enhance a more sustainable future for the next generations.