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Product life cycle analysis

Product life cycle analysis (perspective)

Ensuring control over the environmental aspects linked to our processes and products, is an essential part of Sulplast's corporate strategy.

In accordance with the guidelines established in ISO 14001: 2015, we comply with the life cycle perspective in all the procurement and manufacturing procedures. This action aims to identify the environmental factors involved before, during and after production, in order to minimize the environmental impacts associated with the activities and to identify possible points of improvement in the entire supply structure.

As one of the fundamental tools to encourage sustainable practices throughout the supply chain and prevention of potential risks, Sulplast maintains in its Environmental Management System the following product life cycle perspective:

Imagem ilustrativa do ciclo de vida do produto

This perspective allows to certify:

  • There are environmental controls and analyzes throughout the manufacturing process, relating to environmental impacts and attendant to the applicable legal requirements;
  • There is fulfillment of the Specific Environmental Requirements of the respective customers, which requires only the identification of products with the category of material used, helping in an appropriate future final disposal;
  • There are no costumers’ requirements that compel the company to receive and dispose of products manufactured. When the life cycle of the vehicle and /or machinery is reached, the customer is responsible for the applicable environmental measures;

Sulplast permanently encourages and seeks to influence its supply chain to adopt environmental practices similar or equal to its own, in order to contribute to the strengthening of sustainability of the planet.