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SULPLAST renews ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certificates

publicado em 03/02/2021 às 09:05:29

On 01/29/21, SULPLAST was again approved in the ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 audits by the Vanzolini Foundation. The positive results confirm the efficiency of the SULPLAST Quality Management System and the company's ability to meet the highest requirements of the automobile chain at an international level.

Reference in the manufacture of technical parts in plastic material, SULPLAST had the excellence of its production, assembly, maintenance and development processes, once again confirmed. This shows that the constant investments in quality, sustainability and continuous improvement, place a more than promising future on the company's horizon.

Sulplast saves 6.6 eucalyptus and 55,430 liters of water with sustainability program

publicado em 11/01/2021 às 15:05:29

In 2017, Sulplast started the Program “Caring is Everyone's Role”, with the objective of making all collaborators aware of paper sheets uses.

During initiative’s first year, the consumption decrease was 14 packages of printer paper, compared to 2016. The following year, the reduction grew to more 26 packages, but it was in 2019 that the results started to become surprising. With great commitment from all sectors, the economy reached 117 A4 paper packages. This guarantees the preservation of 3.23 trees and 26,910 liters of water.

Considering the factory's needs and in view of the achievement of such expressive indexes, the projections for 2020 were not very bold. However, with the increasing digitalization of the company, the strengthening of the program and the sustainability culture established, it was possible to save 84 more packages, the equivalent to 42.000 sheets.

In just four years of existence, “Caring is Everyone's Role” has made it possible to save 241 packs of printer paper, which preserved 6.6 eucalyptus and 55.430 liters of water, in addition to promoting cost containment and dissemination of sustainable thinking.

Sulplast ministers lectures on sustainability for Colégio Claretiano students

publicado em 07/10/2020 às 15:05:29

On 10/1/20 and 10/2/20, the Quality and Environment Coordinator of SULPLAST, Cinthia Prado, ministers two online lectures about Environmental Education to 2nd year students of Elementary School at Colégio Claretiano.

Focused on first and second childhood, the initiative seeks to build sustainable thinking at the very beginning of the citizen’s formation. But according to Cinthia, despite their young age: "The children already have a perception of what is wrong and does not contribute to the environment, being able to clearly cite the bad habits they see in their daily routine".

With active participation of the kids, in an easy, fun and interactive way, during the event were approached aspects such as environmental preservation actions, conscious use of natural resources, selective collect and product life cycle.

From the perspective of the Claretian College Teachers, Renata Alves Pereira and Rosangela Aparecida Gregolin, who acted as mediators of the lectures, the students liked the approach and were touched by the content. As quoted by Teacher Rosangela: “In the students' speeches we could see the concern in putting into practice everything they learned (in the classroom and in the lecture) about rethinking our attitudes; recycle, reduce and reuse ”. For Teacher Renata, this kind of activity is integrated with the work developed daily and broadens the children's horizon: “The difference in a lecture, with a different person from school, is that it allows students to show that the subject is also important out of the classroom”.

According to the Specialist Psychologist in Inclusive Education, Yasmine Hernandes David João: “It is in the first and second childhood that we build habits and most of life's concepts, then, teaching about environmental education since the early years of basic education, is essential to ensure that the next generations see how important the management of the environment is ”.

In addition, as reported by the Pedagogue Specialized in Teaching Modalities, Eliete França, this type of action contributes to the environmental awareness of two generations: “Studies show that teaching the child we are able to reach the adult. It is very common to see families change their habits due to their children's influence”. Vision also shared by the Environmental Technician Jéssica Maria Fernandes: “In environmental education, the child is seen as a seed that will blossom and disseminate information, so that when a teenager or adult, be a transformative and conscious agent, in relation to environmental preservation” .

A company committed to economic, social and environmental transformation, in accordance with the ISO 14.001 guidelines, SULPLAST carries out various activities in order to promote Environmental Education among children, youth and adults. Thus, we built in the present, the path to a more sustainable future.

SULPLAST plants 10 trees in the city of Rio Claro

publicado em 28/09/2020 às 08:21:35

On 05/21/20, to celebrate the brazilian Arbor Day, SULPLAST involved several collaborators in the planting of 10 trees in the city of Rio Claro - SP. Two mulberry trees were sown on the company's premises in the city, and four ypês, two knockers and two red hoods, planted on the sidewalks around this factory.

According to Matheus Augusto, from SULPLAST'S Quality and Environment Coordination: “In a simple and fast way, this activity allows participants to feel the satisfaction brought by planting a tree and helping the environment, encouraging them to carry out this action more times ”. Vision shared by Leonardo Araujo Marçola, Development Assistant at the company, that also attents to the gains in several aspects provided by the action: “Planting these trees makes our workplace more beautiful, pleasant and improves the quality of the air that we breathe. Furthermore, today, sustainability is in focus, being a company that cares about the environment strengthens our image and makes us more competitive in the market”.

Admittedly passionate about nature, SULPLAST'S Supply Chain Manager, José Gomes Santos, who has already planted hundreds of trees and other types of plants, mentions that the company's sustainable perspective demonstrates updating and market vision. Moreover, as an environmentalist, he recalls that: “Preserving the environment is modern and guarantees the life of the ecosystem; fauna, flora and much more “.

Part of the campaign YOU CHOOSE WHAT YOU SOW, this initiative, which combines team integration and contact with nature, aims to bring environmental awareness through example, to the members of the SULPLAST team and the entire community.

SULPLAST receives award at CNH Industrial international event

publicado em 17/09/2020 às 13:34:56

On September 15th, during the Supplier Excellence Awards 2020, SULPLAST was elected winner of the Commercial Partnership Category, in the Agriculture Segment.

The event, held entirely online, celebrated the good practices of CNH Industrial partners in South America and awarded the 27 suppliers with the best performance in 2019. The selection of these finalists was carried out by more than 260 collaborators, who analyzed about 50 objective and measurable criteria for the choice.

During a speech at the ceremony, SULPLAST’S CEO, Pedro Luiz Biancardi, thanked the honor and reinforced the company's commitment with the continuous improvement: “We always work to achieve the best and this will serve as a stimulus for us to continue always looking to improve everything”.

This achievement places SULPLAST in the select group of the main global suppliers of CNH Industrial, recognized for their quality, sustainability and innovation, which characterize companies that constantly seek for excellence in all aspects.