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SULPLAST turns 42 years of history

publicado em 18/08/2020 às 11:33:15

Founded on August 16, 1978, SULPLAST started its activities with the manufacture of thermosetting technical parts with fiberglass reinforcement. Due to the quality of the products, the company quickly gained a prominent position in the segment and began to grow.

In 1984, following the changes in the market and looking for business expansion, the company also started to develop thermoplastic parts through the Vacuum Forming process.

Always focused on innovation, continuous improvement and sustainability, over the years new production processes were implemented, such as Injection (2011), Rotomoulding (2015) and RTM Skin (2019), in addition to acquired robotized cutting cells (2010 - 2019).

With constant investments in modern and efficient technologies, the bases that made SULPLAST a reference in the plastic parts market remains; integration, quality, trust and respect, are still part of the formula that made the company reach 42 years of age with solidity and broad growth potential.

SULPLAST develops pedal-powered hand sanitizer dispensers

publicado em 05/08/2020 às 15:05:42

As another preventive measure against Covid-19, SULPLAST team produced five pedal-powered hand sanitizer dispensers. Developed by collaborators Leonardo Benedito Rossi and Edison Garcia, this upcycling solution reuses iron scraps from internal locksmith work, to further increase the safety of our team members, suppliers and other stakeholders, in a creative and sustainable way.

This action is part of our set of measures to combat the pandemic, which were 100% approved by the Vanzolini Foundation in the ISO 14.001 audit.

SULPLAST renews ISO 14001 certificate

publicado em 31/07/2020 às 07:22:52

On 07/27/20, SULPLAST was again fully approved in the ISO 14001 audit of the Vanzolini Foundation. During the assessment process, no non-conformities were identified and all measures to prevent Covid-19 were validated.

The positive results confirm the efficiency of SULPLAST environmental management and the company's commitment to sustainable development.

In fact, once again we demonstrate our social and environmental commitment, combined with good governance and management practices. Indeed, the company has been operating for years on these three important pillars, in line with the acronym ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), which is a trending topic in the business environment and in the financial market. This only demonstrates that SULPLAST continues on the right path and has a very promising future ahead.

SULPLAST starts environmental partnership with REURBI for reuse of e-waste

publicado em 23/06/2020 às 07:11:00

As one more sustainable action, starting in June, all IT and telecommunications equipment that is no longer in use at SULPLAST will be destined for reuse. Previously disposed as hazardous waste (class 1), now these electronics will be collected by REURBI, an urban recycler that performs the inventory, certification, sanitization and processing of materials, for reuse of parts or even to put the product back on the market, such as a used and refurbished Remakker brand equipments.

The initiative also turns SULPLAST into a collection point, where collaborators can dispose their personal electronic devices that are no longer in use too. Involving all in an action that, in addition to the promotion of environmental awareness and reduction of waste generation, also donates equipments and transfers resources to social projects of digital inclusion.

The first collection took place on 06/15 and has already destined the reuse of several devices from SULPLAST and its collaborators.

Sulplast retakes production activities and establishes new prevention measures

publicado em 12/05/2020 às 07:11:00

After stoppage between 03/28/2020 and 04/13/2020, we retake the production at our factory.

In order to protect our employees, their families, our customers and society as a whole, we are fully following the World Health Organization (WHO) safety protocols and the operational regulations established by the Federal, State and Municipal Governments.

To guarantee the safety of our team, hygiene and cleaning measures were reinforced throughout the company and provided hand sanitizer (70% alcohol gel) available to all employees. We also installed new washbasins for hands hygiene and started to distribute protective masks to everyone present at the factory. In the mess hall, demarcations were placed on the floor to indicate safe distance and avoid crowding. In addition, visits to business partners were preventively replaced by online meetings and a robust awareness campaign was developed to communicate the new security protocols and provide information as a preventive tool to SULPLAST’s team members and their families.

Temperature measurement on alternate days was also instituted and if any employee presents fever or flu symptoms, will be immediately removed from activities, instructed to remain in isolation and seek specialized guidance. But so far, there has been no departure related to Covid-19 diagnosis.

To manage this new context imposed by the coronavirus, we created a Crisis Committee to evaluate the scenarios and define strategies, so that we are able to take the best decisions (always in search of mutual benefit) in the fighting of this pandemic.

 Contingency Plan - Prevention COVID-19