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Technologies and processes


As a Rotomolding supplier for the sectors of agro vehicles, construction machinery and trucks, Sulplast develops rotomolding solutions of extraordinary technical precision and impeccable finish, already in the color of the vehicle or equipment.

Also called Rotational Molding, this method of plastic transformation occurs through the action of the centrifugal pseudo force, simultaneously with the temperature rising. In general, it uses polyethylene (HDPE, PEMD and PMBD) as raw material, but it is also possible to use a series of other thermoplastic polymers, such as nylon, PVC and polycarbonate.

In the Rotomolding process, the molds are fed with granulated plastic material, placed in an oven and heated. Along with the thermal activity that melts the resin, begins the biaxial rotation movement that promotes the conformation of the raw material in the mold walls. Subsequently, after cooling the parts are removed from the molds.

Diagramação - Processo de rotomoldagem

Counting on a two-axis machine with 3.5 meters in diameter, our Rotomolding unit is prepared to produce from simple parts to extremely complex systems, in different materials, colors, sizes and thicknesses. Moreover, Sulplast was one of the pioneering companies in Brazil to use the “dropbox” technology, which allows the simultaneous Rotomolding of different materials in the same mold.

To guarantee the high quality standard that characterizes the company, Sulplast has tools to measure the thickness, color, brightness and dimensions of its technical parts produced in Rotomolding. Furthermore, finishing operations are carried out entirely by robotic cutting cells. Therefore it is possible to deliver solutions with excellent cost-benefit ratio and very high quality, which has made Sulplast a highly prestigious supplier in the market.